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Axe Group,
A few important dates…

A business is above all the story of a one man or woman. For AXE Group, it is the story of its founder and head, Jean-Dominique POINAT.

In 2003, after having spent many years at the top of French subsidiaries to large international groups in logistics and transport, Poinat decided it was time to try his hand at business creation and renewal.

From 2003 to 2012, he was focused on logistics and transport. Firstly, in the realm of temperature control with AXE Froid (later acquired by the STG group), then in the world of recycling with the company Daboville & Georges, sold to the GDE group in 2010. And finally, in 2013, AXE Group was born.

This wasn’t all accomplished alone, of course: over the years, collaborators came on board and joined the projects. They rallied around the endeavors, particularly during the various acquisitions. These men and women are our group’s primary asset. They are the guarantors of the quality of services that we deliver to clients each and every day.

AXE Group is the label for a collective project. This commercial brand encompasses different companies who all share one thing in common: work in the supply chain sector. These subsidiaries are spread out among different regions geographically in order to better serve our clients and different markets. This also allows our company to prioritize human-sized organizations, combining professionalism and conviviality on a daily basis.

Creation of
JDP Finances & Consulting


Its initial mission: the acquisition of minority or majority stakes in SMEs and the provision of consulting services in the fields of logistics and transport (organizational analysis, coaching of management teams, as well as temp management, etc.)


Creation of AXE Logistics

Delivery of logistics services in the domains of medicine, electronics and IT, through long-term contracts.


Acquisition of IDSL Solutions Industrielles

IDSL joined the company at the end of 2013. Still under the direction of its founder Hubert Gegout, this company provides assistance to large industrial groups and SMEs.


Acquisition of Axe Solutions

This company ensures the distribution of important operations throughout France, in the EEC and beyond.


Broke Systemes joins AXE Group

Broke Systemes became AXE Systems by merging with AXE Group in December 2016.
Growing out of the logistics division of Cegid, this unit expanded into the IT world.


Acquisition of STPP

STPP joined AXE Group in April 2017.
This company, active in the Aube and the Paris region, possesses 30 years of experience in the publishing and champagne sectors.

Axe Group,
your tailor-made solution builder

The majority of our clients market very specific products, bringing together technology and IT. This is why our services are adapted to the needs of our clients, across 6 fields:


Receiving, control, storage, management, inventory, preparation, packing, shipping, delivery tracking


Whether you are developing an already existing website or you are just beginning to sell online, we have the services pack adapted to your work and your level of volume

Marketing and promotional

Organization of promotional element production and communications materials, as well as getting them to their final installation point


Single or multi-site, set-up and roll-out of your IT equipment is all guided with help from a dedicated contact person


Ensure that the manufacturing chain never suffers from a lack of supplies

Consulting and 

If you are a professional in your domain and business sector, why not trust another professional in the logistics sector?

AXE Group’s key strengths

The entire AXE Group system enables partial or full integration of your physical flows, and thus allows you to concentrate on the core of your business.

Encourage the convergence of our partners’ range of services with the needs of their own customers by mobilizing the necessary skills and resources according to the scope of the services requested.

The group’s certifications

The ISO 9001 certification we obtained in 2010, forces us to be rigorous, with the guidance of the AXE Group’s Quality Management System.

Our skills

of analyzing and understanding their needs, providing fast and efficient answers, accompanying them in their internal and external development projects, adapting our operational structure and the organization of our facilities.

Strength of proposal

and tirelessly researching the productivity and quality of our services to their benefit.

Constant improvement

of our personnel’s skills. In order to always respond in the most pertinent way to the client’s demands.

Respect of the rules

of strict management. Guaranteeing profitability and business longevity, without which our relationships with clients, suppliers and personnel wouldn’t stand the test of time.

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