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Since February 2019, Thibaut Scherrer has been at the head of AXE IDSL. In 2014, after an education that ranged from mechanical production and machining to trade, horticulture, real estate and purchasing, Thibaut joined IDSL as a sales agent. IDSL had just been acquired by the AXE Group and was being led by its historic founder, Hubert Gegout. After a few years in this sales position, Thibaut was promoted to Operations Manager in 2017, and began assisting Hubert in IDSL operations and leadership. In February 2019, Thibaut was once more promoted, this time to the position of Director of Operations.

The history of IDSL

IDSL was came into being 17 years ago, in 2004, through the efforts of Hubert Gegout. The idea behind the creation of this company was to position itself as an industrial equipment supplier, emulating the approach of automotive equipment suppliers. Located in the Florival business park, IDSL manages purchases and services for the industry. Screws, light bulbs, electronics… This company is a master in the field of industrial procurement. From sourcing to the management of markets and bills of material, including traditional logistics services, IDSL offers a range of tailor-made services for companies that have decided to outsource all or part of their products.

Renowned expertise over more than 17 years allows IDSL to count among its most loyal customers companies such as Schindler, Trench, N.Schluberger and Cryostar.

IDSL today and tomorrow

Since its acquisition by AXE Group in 2013, IDSL has been transitioning with the goal of diversifying its business. The logistics expertise brought by AXE Group opens diversification opportunities into traditional logistics. This diversification saw its first milestone at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis: indeed, this pandemic was the trigger for an extension-building project. This extension will add nearly 700 additional square meters to the IDSL site at Soultz-Haut-Rhin, which will be partly dedicated to the diversification of the business in the direction of traditional logistics. These 700 m2 will be added to the 1000 m2 already in place. IDSL currently employs 11 people and had a turnover of 2.935 M€ in the year 2020.