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of our facilities sort their cardboard
so that it can be recycled

Our logistics activities involving receiving, depalettizing, package preparation and loading all produce various waste: cardboard, plastic and even wood. The management of this waste is essential in order to reduce our environmental impact.

Each facility takes care to sort plastic, cardboard and even styrofoam waste, according to the specific managed activities. Some of our subsidiaries have even committed themselves to increasing the amount of waste sent to recycling plants in 2021 and the years to come.

Up to


of packaging used originates
from recycled materials

Activities connected to the logistics field produce a substantial quantity of waste. This is why, at AXE Group, we do everything within our power—with our clients and suppliers—to reduce our non-recyclable waste to a minimum.

We are by our clients’ side as they choose their packaging, taking into account the environmental impact of each option and prioritizing recyclable and/or recycled cardboard packaging, or even reusable packaging which possesses a reduced carbon footprint.

In order to drastically reduce our consumption of cardboard, and to continuously improve our services to environmentally-sensitive clients, we have decided to work together with Hipli. This French company creates and markets packaging that can be reused up to 100 times! We have integrated their soft, reusable packaging in our warehouses so that we can control and reduce our consumption of single-use cardboard packaging.



of waste sent to
recycling plants

Our various sites all across France are committed to recovering 10% more waste through recycling over the years to come. We are making the issue of ecology a major focus in the development of our business.

We select our transport partners according to their engagement in the fight to reduce their carbon footprint, paying particular attention to the way they manage the “final mile”.

Lastly, we invest especially in technology dedicated to reducing consumption by our logistics platforms: electricity, water, solar panels. These are our areas of commitment and development for 2022.