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Dear AXE employees,

here we are 20 months after this health crisis exploded, bringing about economic crises, existential crises, crises in electronic components, materials and products crises, crises in international transport… In short, disorganization in the general economy and in the lives of individuals.

AXE Group has not had to mourn the loss of any among its ranks these last few months, and I hope that your families have been similarly spared. Some have contracted the disease, though I hope that no one will suffer from long-term consequences.

But, as always, we must remain positive and continue to cultivate the agility and adaptability that make up the DNA of the AXE Group. If we truly wish to see the glass as half full, we can remind ourselves that, on one hand, the company never had to experience a full shutdown, and on the other, that the management measures put in place have helped us grow even stronger.

AXE Group is continuing its growth and transformation into an intermediate-size corporation. The reorganization of the sales team has borne fruit, and numerous contracts have been signed since the beginning of 2021. Others are in negotiation and should be arriving shortly at the various facilities. These new projects will need to supply our AXE Logistics warehouses in Lyon, the AXE STPP warehouses in Paris (see article), run the mechanization chains put in place and also aid in completing roll-out activities within AXE Systems (impacted by the absence of office supplies coming from Asia).

We are going to use this year to continue implementing our digital policy, thanks to the new tools being used in HR, accounting and administration. And also by launching our new website—which I invite you to visit—and setting up new, connected systems.

We are also going to continue working on our CSR practices within the group. The subjects which this process addresses must gradually become the business of everyone in the company, and this approach must be carried out collectively and individually if we hope to see it succeed. We will be speaking to you about it regularly in the months to come. 

The end of this year is looking very busy, with the arrival of new projects and large flows on e-commerce platforms. The recent negotiations with our partners in electronic messaging should help us to confront this. Our facilities are organized, and I know that our teams are ready. The completion of the extension of the AXE IDSL warehouse by the end of the year should enable us to quickly launch logistics projects to diversify our traditional activities in Alsace. Finally, I would like to congratulate AXE Freight on its first year of operation: it is growing fast and successfully within the group.

Thanks to all of your for your loyalty and your commitment by our side during these recent, difficult months. The best is yet to come: it’s up to us to build it together!

Interview with Jean-Dominique Poinat