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What is carbon neutrality?

36,4 Gt

of CO2 emitted in 2021

According to the European Parliament’s definition, carbon neutrality is “the balance between carbon emissions and the absorption of carbon from the atmosphere by carbon sinks”.

Carbon neutrality is a term that refers to the process of balancing carbon dioxide emissions with carbon reduction or other greenhouse gas reductions. Carbon reduction can be achieved through a variety of methods such as recycling, using renewable energy sources and planting trees.

In practice, carbon neutrality means that for every ton of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere, an equivalent amount has been removed from the atmosphere and stored or offset in some way. Carbon offsetting is a process whereby individuals and organizations purchase credits from an organization. These credits represent the removal of one ton of CO2 from the atmosphere.

What’s the point?

A carbon neutral approach is essential to strongly limit the climate impact of our activities: the company will therefore engage locally in a proactive policy of reducing its own CO2 emissions, while also contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions in developing countries or countries in transition by investing in carbon offset projects.

Through these projects, in addition to avoiding greenhouse gas emissions, these countries will eventually adopt more efficient, low-carbon technologies and practices.

This approach makes sense because greenhouse gases are one of the main causes of global climate change, regardless of where they are being emitted. Carbon offsets are therefore a practical solution to optimize the resources allocated to the fight against climate change.

What about AXE Group?

154 t

of CO2 emitted in 2021
by AXE Group

Almost 100% of CO2 emissions are offset.
More information on compensation programs on the carriers’ websites.

AXE Group manages its energy supply as a responsible logistics provider and reduces its dependence on shortages by recycling and promoting short supply chains. AXE Group also uses as many recycled ecological materials as possible.
We control our energy consumption without compromising the comfort and safety of the workplace. For example, we have systematically replaced the old light bulbs that used to light our warehouses with light sources equipped with LED technology.

Our role is indirect, but very real, as it consists of providing our customers and users with more energy-efficient solutions. All employees are involved in AXE Group’s CSR approach because they contribute through their own actions to reducing energy consumption.

AXE Group, as a transport organizer and freight broker, only contracts with ecologically responsible transporters, who serve the planet by reducing and offsetting their greenhouse gas emissions. By 2021, AXE Group has achieved near carbon neutrality for 100% of the parcel services entrusted to its carriers, and it is taking part in the ecological transition towards a low-carbon economy thanks to the carbon neutrality of its carriers, who are leaders in the fight against climate change.